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DEMOCRACY: Government & Politics | January 24, 2003




An E-Mail to a Democratic National Committee Member

Bush has boxed himself into a corner, by taking such a pro-war position, alienating himself from majority opinion in this nation and beyond.

If the Democrats take an anti-war position that is just as radical ("No war ever."), then they will be just as foolish -- even more so, now that our political enemy who has been so invulnerable has made himself so vulnerable.

But if the Democrats continue to hold the middle ground -- support thorough UN inspections, so that we hopefully will not have to go to war, and if we do, only with proof and preferably with UN support -- the majority opinion in this country and beyond, then we can also be more readily seen as more moderate and reasonable in general, which will help us carry the day on a whole range of issues. This is a Golden Opportunity to erase the "loser" image for the Party established in the last election debacle.

What do we stand for anyway?

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