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DEMOCRACY: Government & Politics | August 17, 2003


An Unpublished Letter to Los Angeles Times

Whatever happened to majority -- or even plurality -- rule?

With a two-thirds "super majority" required to pass a state budget, the GOP minority has tied the hands of the Democratic majority in Sacramento, effectively holding the entire state of California hostage, our deficits and services growing worse with each passing year.

Governor Davis (a.k.a. "No" on the recall) has been polling at upwards of 40%, and he could still lose his job to someone who gets just over 20% of the vote.

Al Gore got more votes for President than anyone else in American history and still lost.

I'm fully aware of how all of this has been perfectly legal.  But speaking on behalf of us millions of citizens whose will is being continually thwarted -- let alone the hundreds of thousands of men and women in uniform who paid the ultimate sacrifice or who are right now putting their lives on the line in large measure for our right to vote -- isn't this supposed to be a Democratic Republic?

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