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DEMOCRACY: Government & Politics | September 21, 2003



An E-Mail to a Democratic Activist

This is one of my unpublished replies to one of many responses to my e-mail published in an influential Democratic Newsgroup about the formal entry of General Clark into the Presidential Race.

I know a lot of one-time Democrats who left the Party because they saw us as not appreciating the sacrifices they or their loved ones have made in military service to our country.  It's just sick that they then fall for the patriotic rhetoric of the Far Right and selflessly shed more of their blood for the all-too-often selfish motives of some powerful clique.

I think General Clark's candidacy MIGHT represent a unique opportunity to get back in touch with a lot of the "blue collar" people out there, who do most of the fighting and dying, not to mention a lot of the actual work and "economic stimulus" of the country.

Maybe it's an issue of "respect".  Maybe I'm just tired of we Democrats being seen as weak and somehow un-American, when nothing could be further from the truth.  I don't know.

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