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DEMOCRACY: Government & Politics | September 23, 2003



An E-Mail to Democratic Activists

Curiouser and curiouser.  We're DEFINITELY "through the looking glass"...

...unless Davis pulls off a miracle come-back (and that's not entirely out of the question), the race seems to be in the hands of the McClintock voters (God help us) -- if, say, a quarter of them decide to not waste their vote on Tom, Arnold could beat Cruz.

This is playing out just like a Parliamentary election, as in Britain or Israel.  Davis is the Prime Minister trying to survive a vote of "no confidence", Cruz is the replacement leader of the Labor Party, Arnold is the leader of the Likud Party, and McClintock is the leader of some ultra-Orthodox party -- able to use its leverage as either the spoiler or the power-broker to wrest conciliations from the less extreme right-wing party.

With all due respect to our allies overseas, I thought this was supposed to be America.

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