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DEMOCRACY: Government & Politics | October 26, 1987


A Published Letter to Los Angeles Times

The biggest things standing between this record collapse of the stock market and a great depression of the economy Reagan is presiding over are the safeguards -- such as limits to buying on the margin -- enacted as part of the New Deal regulations of the Franklin D. Roosevelt Administration that the Reagan Administration has tried for years to dismantle!

And the only apparent hope -- no matter how slim -- for an end to the escalating cycle of military reprisals in the Persian Gulf, which threatens to kill the peace Reagan has presided over, is the cease fire or arms embargo being negotiated by the United Nations, whose authority the Reagan Administration has tried for years to undermine!

Let's put Reaganomics and Ramboism in the shredder, retrieve our Constitution and common sense, and get on with the progress of America and the world.

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