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DEMOCRACY: Government & Politics | January 14, 2005


A Posting in "Comments From Left Field"

By "The Scarecrow" *

My fellow Friends of Liberty,

Your obedient, the Scarecrow, is verily confounded by what I have read of late concerning your pretender to the throne, King George. From what precious little my 18th Century mind is able to discern, it seems that not all is well -- nor what it seems -- with His Royal Highness!

Is the most powerful man in the world -- egad! -- as fit for office, in body and mind, as the royal physicians and stewards and lackeys insist? Or is there cause to believe that the Evil Prime Minister, Sir Dick of Cheney, may soon be called upon to assume the reins of power (as if his puppetry of the simpleton George were not a fait accompli)?

You be the judge, my friends and foes; see for yourselves: Apply your considerable, 21st Century sophistication for gadgetry and trickery to consider well the following --

In this, I read this...

"[In the first debate of this last campaign] George W. Bush apparently is wearing [under his coat!] a medical device for 'persons at risk of cardiac arrest.' It is a LifeVest wearable defibrillator. He started using it sometime after his January 2002 fainting spell, which was attributed to choking. Based on photos showing him wearing the device, one can conclude the fainting was due to atrial fibrillation (AF), which his father also had [as could testify a certain dignitary from Japan, upon whom George the First did faint and puke]. His father's AF was caused by Graves' hyperthyroidism, which his mother also has. Bush likely has AF and less likely Graves', based on his family history and symptoms. The AF may have caused a stroke or TIA (mini-stroke), of which physicians watching the debates detected symptoms. Observers have noted psychological symptoms consistent with this and with Wernicke-Korsakoff disease [King George of my day apparently suffered torments of the mind brought on by a disease of Venus, which he may well have contracted during wild days of his youth]."

There you have it; make of it what you will: If the emperor were wearing no clothes, the naked truth might come out!

By any reckoning, my friends and foes, King George is not what he seems.

My sympathies to him...and you.

Your obedient servant,

The Scarecrow

* My alter-ego, after the classic 18th Century character created in the early 20th Century by Russell Thorndike in his Doctor Syn novels, adapted in various films. No endorsement of my commentaries by any other individual or company exists or is implied.

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