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DEMOCRACY: Government & Politics | November 2, 1988



An Unpublished Letter to Los Angeles Times

According to your survey of the American electorate, there are nine themes in our contemporary politics; and on each, George Bush et al. have demonstrated blatant hypocrisy!

1) Bush et al. profess deep religious faith, in the Christian tradition; and yet, they have turned plowshares into swords and claimed that they are not their brother's keeper...

2) Bush et al. claim to unite, not alienate, us citizens; but the rich have gotten richer, the poor have gotten poorer, and we in the middle-class have gotten ulcers.

3) Bush et al. claim to help personal finances with their "conservative" economics; but they have promoted record federal, corporate, and personal debt and wild speculation in stocks, corporate mergers, and real estate.

4) Bush et al. claim that social justice will come from "a thousand points of light" -- volunteerism vs. federalism -- but this has shifted much of the burden from the wealthy, via less progressive taxation, to the middle-class and the poor, who generally give more of their incomes to charity, and has neglected millions who are hungry, homeless, sick, or ignorant.

5) Bush et al. claim to uphold the "original intent" of our Constitution; but they have attacked the tolerance of personal freedoms guaranteed by our Bill of Rights, which protects not only the guilty but also the innocent.

6) Bush et al. claim to help American free enterprise, but their deregulation has monopolized industries and bankrupted financial institutions.

7) Bush et al. claim to be public servants; but many of the members of this Administration have acted less for our common good than for their own personal profit.

8) Bush et al. claim to provide peace through strength; but they have added to the overkill of our nuclear and chemical arsenals, sponsored proxy wars around the globe, and spit in the face of the Nobel-Prize-winning United Nations.

9) Bush et al. claim to make America the leader of the free world, but they have indebted us to foreign powers and backed corrupt dictators on every continent.

Reject hypocrisy! Vote for the man who has raised the standard of living for his citizens above the national average: His demeanor may be sobering, but Dukakis can do.

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