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DEMOCRACY: Government & Politics | January 15, 2005



A Proposed Speech to Democratic National Committee Members,

After My E-Mail to Democratic Activists,

As Revised for a Guest Appearance on "NewsRap with Barry Gordon"

On January 15, 2005, rank-and-file Democrats were invited to each make a two-minute presentation to fifteen members of the Democratic National Committee assembled at Patriotic Hall, in downtown Los Angeles. I was unable to attend because of a funeral; but here is the text of my speech, which I did share with the DNC members and other Democratic activists via e-mail.

My fellow Democrats,

How can we win? Why should we win?

We can win by stressing our strengths, not those of our opponents. It's the economy, good people.

We can win by vetting our candidates, not front-loading our primaries.

We can win by fighting back, not remaining aloof.

We can win by nominating executives for President: Governors win; senators lose...except Senator JFK -- charisma trumps all.

We can win by making Democratic values -- "liberal" or otherwise -- not merely "acceptable" but simply irresistible!

And what are those values? Why should we win? Unlike our opponents, we do not wish to gain the world but lose our soul!

Voters should vote Democratic because...

We Democrats stand for the rule of law, not illegal war.

We Democrats stand for positions on Social Security, progressive taxation, education, healthcare, and the environment that are as moral as our opponents' positions are immoral.

We Democrats stand for personal and corporate and public responsibility. We Democrats stand for good citizenship.

We Democrats stand for liberty and justice for all: Poor, middle class, and wealthy Americans; Caucasian, African, Asian, Pacific, Latino, and Native Americans; straight and gay Americans; male and female Americans.

We Democrats stand for what's best in America. Thank you.

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