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DEMOCRACY: Government & Politics | April 8, 2005


A Posting in "GordonTalk"

"Uh, oh," I suspect is the phrase most often repeated in the White House these days (under the breath, of course, lest the Disloyalty Police catch wind of such potential mutiny...in which case the offender will surely walk the plank).

The most recent Gallup Polls show poor little Dubya with the lowest approval rating of any President at this point in his second term since World War II...

Truman 57% (March 6-11, 1949)

Eisenhower 65% (March 15-20, 1957)

Johnson 69% (March 18-23, 1965)

Nixon 57% (March 30-April 2, 1973)

Reagan 56% (March 8-11, 1985)

Clinton 59% (March 24-26, 1997)

Bush 45% (March 21-23, 2005)

...that, by the way, is the lowest approval rating of the entire Bush II presidency.

By George, I guess making your Number One priority the gutting of Social Security wasn't such a good idea after all.

And here's a tip from every police officer on the beat: don't get involved in domestic disputes if you can possibly avoid it -- next time two families start feudin' about matters as personal as feeding tubes, for goodness' sake, stay in Texas!

But here's a note of consolation to those near and dear to the POTUS: In the latest poll, his overall Gallup approval rating has edged up to 48% -- still lower than all those other presidents but a bit better -- it apparently doesn't hurt to join the crowd and pay your respects to The Holy Father.

Ah, what the heck, Dubya -- at least your numbers don't suck as bad as those of your fellow Repubs in Congress (don't ask).

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