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DEMOCRACY: Government & Politics | May 11, 2005


A Posting in "GordonTalk"

Apparently not content to let Laura be the only comedian in the family, George delivered his own stand-up routine in Georgia the other day.

He praised the Georgian people for having overthrown their corrupt government (not a bad thing to do, of course).

But how do we know that their old government was really corrupt? Well, for one thing, it rigged the parliamentary election in the fall of 2003.

And how do we know that the election was rigged? Because the vote totals announced by the government were so different from the exit polls commissioned by international foundations that the Bush Administration in the U.S. and the Putin Administration in Russia demanded that the Shevardnadze Administration in Georgia acquiesce to the demands of the people and step down.

President Bush demanding another president resign because of exit polls?

Now that's hilarious! A regular laugh riot.

Uh, maybe not.

Particularly since Bush was lavishing praise -- and rightly so -- on the Georgians for having carried not guns but roses, as they marched on the capital to overthrow their government and establish a democracy.

Bush the Holy Warrior touting the spread of democracy by non-violent means?

That must've been the "punchline".

George, I don't think you should've taken that act on the road.

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