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DEMOCRACY: Government & Politics | August 1, 2005


By Douglas Drenkow, "Progressive Thinking"

As Posted in "GordonTalk" and "Comments From Left Field"

Was it leadership or "chickenship" for the President to bypass the Congress and make a recess appointment of John Bolton -- a man so unfit for the job of Ambassador to the U.N. that many in his own party could not bring themselves to support him.

Was it leadership or "chickenship" for the President to nominate for the Supreme Court John G. Roberts -- a man with a paper trail so short that you really can't nail him down on any significant issues as a judge.

Was it leadership or "chickenship" for the President to lead our nation into war by "fixing" the intelligence presented to the people and the Congress, as well as to the rest of the world.

Oh well, I guess when you've got a President who went AWOL in wartime, the best you can hope for is someone who is brave when playing with other people's lives.

Cluck, cluck.

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