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Welcome to "The World of Life"!

The purpose of this website is to provide a wealth of information on the wonderful variety of plants, animals, and other living creatures in our world.  There is much "natural history" here that should be of interest to the general public, and I have also included considerable material for serious students of the biological sciences.

Given the nature of life, this site is indeed large and complex; but it is easy to navigate.  The "Search" feature (on the left of every page) can help you quickly find any specific species, group, or topic mentioned on any of the webpages within this site (Once you have reached an appropriate webpage, you may use your browser's "Edit > Find (on This Page)" function to find the keyword(s) on that page). The text links at the left and bottom of every page will take you to the following major sections (each with links to pages within this site with more specific information):

The Diversity of The World of LifeListings & Biology for Hundreds of Species, Families, & Higher Groups of Life, with Links to Webpages with Excellent Photos & Additional Information Elsewhere on the Internet.  I hope to continually increase the breadth and depth of information within this section.

Featured TopicsLively Essays on Topics of Special Interest:  Structure & Function, Genetics, Behavior, Ecology, etc. for Selected Species or Groups or for Life in General.

FeedbackYour Questions & Comments Graciously Submitted to Me, Posted with My Replies

About the AuthorYour "Humble Human", Douglas Drenkow

I hope you will enjoy reading what I have written.  Moreover, I hope that whatever your age or walk of life, you will find these stories from The World of Life as interesting, informative, and inspiring as I do!

Thanks for your visit.  Please bookmark this site, and come again soon!

-- Douglas Drenkow


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Photo of Cells:  H.D.A. Lindquist, US EPA