What is the Leadership Pasadena program and what are its benefits?


Leadership Pasadena is an eight-month series of workshops, retreats, and group projects designed to:

  • Enhance awareness of how Pasadena is governed, its key decision-making entities, and the way they work.
  • Enroll participants in a growing network of alumnae and supporters to achieve and sustain common objectives.
  • Enhance skills, confidence, and know-how in tackling community challenges or attaining issue-based objectives.
  • Provide participants tools to become a better-informed member of one’s own organization, linking it with greater knowledge and results with the community.

Hundreds of communities across the United States have created leadership development organizations that are recognized for their ability to foster relationships and create opportunities for people to work together toward common goals. Leadership Pasadena serves that purpose for the greater Pasadena area.


What is expected during the program?


Candidates must be willing to think and act in innovative ways in order to grow in personal, professional and community effectiveness. Leadership Pasadena uses experiential, academic, and practical methods to take an open look at:

  • Where we are as leaders and how we can be more effective.
  • Barriers that prevent more effective working relationships.
  • The governance and leadership of our city and community.
  • New and innovative strategies to address problems and create solutions.



What is the Leadership Pasadena learning environment?


LP Meeting


Candidates are encouraged to look at issues from multiple perspectives and to engage each other and their respective organizations and the community to seek answers.


Outdoors Activity
LP members in hallway

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