Why Leadership Pasadena?


The scope and scale of challenges facing Pasadena — as a subset of today’s complex world — demand that scarce resources be harnessed with concerted effort if significant progress is to be realized on priority issues. Obstacles that stand among people and organizations must be examined and strategies developed to achieve success. Leadership Pasadena provides opportunities for dialogue on critical issues to foster enhanced understanding and better working relationships among its stakeholders. Program participants are encouraged to use new awareness, contacts, and skills to review and accept multiple views, alternatives, and welcome new opportunities to develop a more inclusive and capable community.

The common thread binding the Leadership Pasadena stakeholders together is commitment — personal, professional, economic, and civic — to work toward achieving a model community. Leadership Pasadena uses experiential and academic methods to create meaningful learning for its participants. Through the use of multiple instructional and practical methods, class members become more familiar with the leadership and governance of our city’s organizations and institutions, as well as devise more innovative and effective working relationships.




From LP Graduates ...


“Leadership Pasadena changed my life. It has opened so many doors to me. Networking with other LP alumni is literally an ‘open sesame’ to all sectors in Pasadena, which will only become more effective with every new class of graduates. Being part of LP is an amazing investment in yourself!”

— Cathy Brook


“A seminal moment for me in connecting with the community of Pasadena was my involvement with Leadership Pasadena. The program strengthened my skills as an administrator and enabled me to create and sustain relationships with leaders that shape the quality of life in our city.”

— Richard Gray

Bill Hawkins

“In order to have a great community, strong leadership is not an option — it’s essential. I see Leadership Pasadena as being a major contributor to the ongoing effort for Pasadena to be a world-class community. I want to be a part of that effort.”

— Bill Hawkins
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