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DEMOCRACY: Government & Politics | September 21, 2003



An E-Mail Delivered to an Influential Democratic Newsgroup

This is one of my published replies to one of many responses to my e-mail published in an influential Democratic Newsgroup about the formal entry of General Clark into the Presidential Race.

Like you say, and like I wrote to the newsgroup right after the last election (debacle)...


...and recently...


...the last thing we Democrats should do is to try to "kiss ass" with the electorate:  Nobody in their right mind will, or should, respect that.  We've got to stand up for what WE believe in and shape the debate in OUR terms (Let Bush climb atop the rubble with his bullhorn or land upon the flight deck umpteen times in video; what the hell's that got to do with our men and women being picked off every day, TODAY, in Iraq or our people at home losing, or fearing for, their jobs?).

That's one big reason I was so enthusiastic after reading Clark's positions...


...and hearing what I have in interviews on TV.  If he really means (and does) what he says, then I think we've found a candidate who not only stands up for our core principles -- such as the fairness and wisdom of progressive taxation, of ensuring equal opportunity for the sexes and races, and of working with not against our international allies -- but who ALSO (not alternatively) seems highly electable, to actually get done the things we want and need done.

But I'm keeping my eyes and ears wide open, for ALL the candidates.

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