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Hot Shot Charger

(above) Joe's custom-built "Hot Shot" Charger gets trucks and tractors back on the road again much quicker than a conventional battery charger, with either a complete recharge or just a partial boost (with enough charge for several re-starts, so you won't need any additional service calls).

Electrical Board

Electrical System Repair

Truck or Tractor Won't Start?

Need a New Battery, Starter, Alternator, or Light?

Can't Figure Out What the #*&@! the Problem Is?

Call Joe, 24/7!

Joe has the tools & equipment.

Joe has the parts & materials.

Joe has the experience & know-how.

Joe can repair, replace, or make on site a wide variety of cables in trucks, tractors, & trailers on the road.

(left) With his custom-built onboard diagnostic system, Joe can pinpoint electrical system problems, while others would fuss and fiddle.