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Inside the Custom-Built Service Truck

Joe in Truck (view south to north)

(above) View from north looking south.

Joe in Truck (view north to south)

(above) View from south looking north.

Joe's custom-built truck is like a parts house and machine shop on wheels! With more parts than most dealers have in stock and with over 30 years of experience, Joe can diagnose your problem on the road, repair or replace parts, and get you up and running again quickly and reliably.


(above) Some of Joe's many tools onboard.

Other Repair Work

In Addition to Electrical & Air System Repair

Replace a Wide Variety of Belts

Make on Site 95% of Fuel Lines

Provide Water, Oil, or Fuel

Prime Fuel System

Repair or Replace Brake Chambers

Replace Mud Flaps, Mirrors, etc.