Éclat Entertainment believes in the concept of musicianship. Spend your time being musically creative and pursuing new sounds, songs, and directions for your band or solo act. And let us be your arms and legs and get your music heard.

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Éclat Entertainment is an autonomous smaller management agency oriented towards the melding of the music industry and unique musical talent. As a multi-service music management company, we develop everything from full press kits to bookings in multiple arenas and venues. Our mission is to meet the needs of our clientele in the most cost-effective, yet strategically designed marketing plans, including the development or stimulus of an artist's image or a band's identity. The ultimate result is to increase the listening fan base for your band or solo act.



Not everyone can agree on a precise description of what a manager is or definition of what a manager does (See the list at right for just some of our range of abilities). A manager's job is fairly complex, differing from situation to situation, depending on the stage of the artist's career and the areas in which the artist needs help.



In addition to providing personal management and promotion, we also offer such services as legal and business advice; Jay is an attorney with years of experience in business law. At Éclat, we wear the different hats according to these distinct roles, and merge them all under the umbrella of "Artist Management." This multiple-role scenario provides a more unique, multi-faceted service to our artists.



The manager has the most interaction with the artist and their musical life in general. As managers, we plan, coordinate, guide, and organize the career direction of the artist as well as handle all matters related to their music, including researching and negotiating with record labels and independent publishing companies, as for download rights. The ideal match is seamless and, at times, difficult to find, as personal attention must be the goal. Many times, the larger firms are unable to focus on you, the artist, for as long as may be necessary, particularly in the beginning of the artist's dive into the music entertainment business.


We do not limit our work solely to record labels and sales. Éclat works with producers, agents, bookers, promoters, publicists, stylists, photographers, graphic designers, video producers, and music licensees to develop the artist's identity. As your multi-service music management company, Éclat Entertainment integrates all of the elements to provide a successful overall career plan for you.

What Does a "Manager" Do?

  • Develop an Artist's Image & a Band's Identity
  • Help with Songwriting
  • Help with Recording
  • Help with Audio & Video Production
  • Negotiate with Producers
  • Negotiate with Agents
  • Give Legal Advice
  • Negotiate Licensing, as for Download Rights
  • Negotiate with Publishing Companies
  • Negotiate with Record Labels
  • Develop a Visual Identity, including Logo Design & Cover Artwork
  • Help with Designers, Stylists, & Photographers
  • Engage in Various Forms of Marketing, Promotion, Advertising, & Publicity
  • Develop Press Kits
  • Acquire Sponsors
  • Negotiate Merchandising
  • Schedule Tours
  • Book Multiple Arenas & Venues



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