Qualitative Chemical Analysis

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EXPLORE a standard scheme of qualitative chemical analysis.


DISCOVER the presence or absence of a limited number of common positive ions in an “unknown” solution.


ENRICH inorganic chemistry.


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  • POSITIVE IONS (possibly present in an “unknown” solution)
    • Aluminum (III): Al3+
    • Barium (II): Ba2+
    • Calcium (II): Ca2+
    • Chromium (III): Cr3+
    • Copper (II): Cu2+
    • Iron (II): Fe2+
    • Iron (III): Fe3+
    • Lead (II): Pb2+
    • Mercury (I): Hg22+
    • Mercury (II): Hg2+
    • Potassium (I): K+ [not discoverable by this scheme]
    • Silver (I): Ag+
    • Sodium (I): Na+ [not discoverable by this scheme]
    • Tin (II): Sn2+
    • Tin (IV): Sn4+
    • Zinc (II): Zn2+
  • ANALYTICAL REAGENTS (added to the solutions or precipitates as presented within the program)
    • Cl-
    • H2O (hot)
    • NH4OH
    • HCl
    • CrO42-
    • H2S in 0.3 M H+
    • (NH4)2Sx [ammonium polysulfide]
    • 2 M HNO3 (hot)
    • H2SO4 (evaporated with solution until SO3 fumes appear)
    • H+
    • H2S in NH4OH
    • Equimolar HSO4- + SO42- [pH 2 buffer]
    • OH- + Na2O2
    • H+ (until just acidic), then NH4OH (until just alkaline)
    • CO32-
    • CH3CO2H (hot), then CH3CO2NH4, then CrO42-
    • NH4OH, then CO32-

Sample Material


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Sample Screenshots: Chloride Ion as (Initial) Analytical Reagent


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Chloride Ion as Initial Reagent: Reactants


Chloride Ion as Initial Reagent: Products


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