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Small graphic ads online and in print publications (Click on images for enlargements)

Leadership Pasadena Donations Banner

Leadership Pasadena Donations Banner

This banner, displayed on the home page and other pages throughout the Leadership Pasadena Web site and linked to an online donations page, uses eye-catching colors, the LP logo, and bullet points stressing how supporting LP supports one’s own interests (community, employees, and organization) and reassures the visitor that the contribution will be secure — all within a 200 by 165 pixel banner (slightly reduced in size here).

Left Talk Banner Ad

Left Talk Banner Ads

This banner ad, targeted to a progressive political market, was created within the strict limitations imposed by the Liberal Blog Advertising Network and posted on two of their member blogs: It is a GIF file, just 150 by 100 pixels and 4 KB in size (We would have preferred a JPG version with the host’s well-known face, but it was 24 KB — over the 16 KB limit). Note that Left Talk, the title of the show / Web site / ad, was picked because it had higher value than similar terms in Google AdWords.

Portrait Painting Banner Ad

Portrait Painting Banner Ads

For my portrait painting, I created various banner ads, in keeping with the size limitations of the posting sites: Click the image above to see the 180 x 72 pixel, full-size ad; click here to see a 468 x 60 pixel version, with thumbnails of portraits. Many sites simply displayed text links; reciprocal links, on my site (See the “Exhibitions & Links” section) as well as theirs, helped our mutual search engine rankings — for many months Douglas Drenkow Portrait Painting was in the top ten Google results for “portrait painting.”

Portrait Painting Display Ads

Portrait Painting Display Ads PDF Icon

Click the image or title above to view a sampling of the black-and-white and four-color ads I created and posted in the “Home” section of the Los Angeles Times and in other Southern California periodicals, particularly those targeted towards upscale homeowners.

Drenkow Media Display Ad

Drenkow Media Display Ads

I created this and similar ads for my educational software and posted them in college newspapers nationwide. Note the use of the college-mascot-style “Computer Tutor,” for eye-catching branding (and system requirements).

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